Business Skills In Healthcare Practice CME Program

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Not every physician has the time or interest to earn an MBA degree. However, all physicians need basic business skills. They need to be able to successfully lead and manage, read and comprehend financial statements, develop and control a budget, negotiate effectively, improve processes, use money well, and be good planners and decision makers. To meet this need, MedEd-Stat developed a Business Program for practicing physicians. The program marries medicine and business in such a manner that physicians can relate, learn, and grow in their knowledge and ability. Obtaining these business skills equips physicians to deliver value added, efficient, quality patient care.

“For me the adage of “you don’t know what you don’t know” rang true. I don’t think most physicians realize how much they would benefit from learning what I just learned.”

“I have worked in large organizations and now a private practice. I wanted to expand my knowledge of how business decisions were made, as I have tended to be a witness to the processes rather than an active participant. The course is definitely improving my skill set.”

The program was born at Johns Hopkins CME as the cornerstone of their business of medicine initiative.  The goal was to provide a comparable skill set, that MBA students receive, to every practicing physician who has access to the internet and a connected device.  The program employs multiple AACME education partners and continues to provide the highest quality education to physicians in areas untouched by medical school and residency programs.