Sepsis Clinical Simulator Training Platform

Sepsis Clinical Simulator Training Platform

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 Sepsis is a life-threatening organ dysfunction caused by dysregulated host response to infection.”

Sepsis has plagued humans since the beginning.  It was first described by Homer in his epic poem “The Iliad”, and finally captured in a consensus description by the health care community in 1991.  What was commonly thought to be a toxin based reaction elicited by blood born gram negative bacteria was finally described correctly as a dysfunctional immune response to infection.  It remains the greatest cause of death in the U.S. today, accounting for up to 50% of all hospital deaths.  It also remains relatively unknown to the public and can be disguised by a number of non-specific signs and symptoms.  The clock ticks quickly for septic patients, who depend on the alertness and recognition of healthcare providers to intervene early in the course, in time for life saving therapy to be implemented.

Training is essential in healthcare.  It refreshes our knowledge base and sharpens our skills.  Yet training degrades over time, as we all unintentionally seek to return to our more established and comfortable patterns of care.  This course combines clinical presentations with a simulation experience that will refresh your knowledge and then test your ability to use it in lifelike case scenarios caring for septic patients.  Original downloadable presentation slides and research references will enhance your learning experience.  Periodic newsletters and course updates will be delivered to all students as they become available.

The course is brought to you using a “virtual classroom” that can be accessed 24/7/365 on any device connected to the Internet using any network.  It is no farther away than your smart phone and will be available for regular review.  It is designed to be completed at your own pace, whenever, and wherever you have time.  Once enrolled it will never leave your account and will be updated as needed using email alerts.

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