Patient education courses are designed to inform patients about specific medical procedures, conditions, and/or technologies. They are intended to assist patients in making better informed decisions about the health and care.  All the courses are presented in easy to understand language and format. Courses on procedures focus on educating patients on why a procedure may be necessary, how the procedure is performed, what to do prior to and after the procedure, what can be expected as a result of the procedure, and what the recovery process entails.

Courses on specific medical conditions are designed to improve a patient’s knowledge about the condition. The courses focus on helping a patient evaluate the condition and answers frequently asked questions. Patients also learn about the condition’s associated risks and the treatments to relieve or diminish those risks.

The courses on new medical technologies provide patients with the following information:

  • The science behind the technology,
  • Clinical applications and purpose,
  • Important vocabulary,
  • A list of applicable published, peer reviewed articles
  • The technologies associated risks and complications,
  • S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules and regulations, and
  • Up to date affiliated research.

Total Hip Replacement – Patient Education

Total Knee Replacement – Patient Education

Sleep Apnea: Education, Awareness, and Screening

Human Cells and Tissue Based Products – Patient Education