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Great course! This is a difficult topic that a lot of physicians shy away from. It was presented in an easily understood format. Thank you.
This is a great course! This addresses decision-making and planning at all levels of leadership and interaction with others. Only partway into this course I was thinking about the processes of planning and decision making at my weekly meeting with colleagues. I love the fact that many of these concepts are relatively basic and easily implemented. Physicians don’t get this type of training or have the opportunity to put these skills into practice early in their careers. This would be a great addition to residency training. Thank you!
For me the adage of “you don’t know what you don’t know” rang true. I don’t think most physicians realize how much they would benefit from learning what I just learned.

Definitely helpful breakdown of the negotiation process that would have been essential with my first few job offers.

The information is practical and you present it in a way that makes it easier to apply to real life situations. I’m going through the videos at a snail’s pace so I’m glad there is no time limit.

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and experience in all these presentations.  It gave me a lot of things to think about.  I wish I had run across this material 14 years ago when I finished residency.  But all these years, I have been a passive member of my organization without thinking of anything beyond.  But better late than never. 

A very good learning experience. Having examples or scenarios to help explain the important points really helps.  A difficult topic MBA explained in a simplified manner. Should be included in the medical degree program before graduation.

The course was excellent! I need more mentoring in seeing how BATNA works. I am also working on creating a budget for 2021 ( for the first time!) and need more hand holding since I have numerous questions come up. Thanks again.

Eye opening material in course as I am a new leader in large healthcare organization.  I was 100% clinical and never thought much about business aspect of work. Clearly excellent tools provided in a short course which I will go thru again.

Interesting material. I’m not in a leadership position in my organization, but now I have more understanding of my physician chief’s roles and responsibilities and those higher in leadership roles.

Great course. learned a lot.

The course is very beneficial. Learning objectives were explained in simplified and practical ways, though not able to grasp all points 100%. Nevertheless, can implement what learned in practice/hospital setting. For me, I felt the need to give time to digest or pace my learning.

Great job keeping it concise and focused. The timing of the videos was perfect to keep up with and finish given the fast-paced lifestyle.

Practical and concise format. The only suggestion is to have an actual example of the strategic analysis, planning and implementation from end-to -end (still high level) but summarizing the whole process and team members involvement. This could be an optional module.

I learnt new perspective of leadership qualities.

Very informative and learned more about different analyses that I had never heard of prior.

I have worked in large organizations and now a private practice. I wanted to expand my knowledge of how business decisions were made, as I have tended to be a witness to the processes rather than an active participant. The course is definitely improving my skill set.

I enjoyed this course and I feel that I learned a lot. I am looking forward to putting it into practice.

I got a bit lost in the strategy and decision making section, but will likely watch again the next time a major decision comes up. I gained a lot of practical knowledge from the meeting section and the qualities of a good leader that I look forward to implementing.

Thank you for this. I have just been accepted into an MBA program and this is a nice intro to the material I will be learning, I’m sure.

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