Beginning in 2012 in partnership with Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Office of CME, the medical and business professionals of MedEd-Stat creates MBA level CME programs designed for rank and file physicians who needed to take control of the business side of their practice.  

Whether it be educating healthcare providers in business skills, informing patients on their health, or introducing new technology to the market with effective training programs, our professionals are dedicated to improving quality, reducing costs, and improving patient safety. The mission is three-fold:

•   Deliver business skills and health policy information to realize optimal and effective patient care,

•   Provide technical knowledge and training on new medical technology,

•   Furnish patients with relevant, easily understood education on specific topics to improve health.

Our team of physicians and business professions in union with our AACME accreditation partners are busy creating healthcare business, policy, and training. 

Today, team-based healthcare delivery provides the best results. A team composed of various medical providers, technical experts, and patients must operate as a unit in order to continually improve patient medical care.  Our educational courses and programs are designed to endow every team member with the know-how, tools, and understanding for achieving the best patient care outcomes.


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