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Vaccine and medication injection technology has remained unchanged with little innovation for more that 100 years.

Knowledge is the key to understanding and acceptance of new technology in healthcare. Providing a comprehensive knowledge base, answering the what, why, and how of the new technology and its use to successfully treat patients is an effective path to success. Training the trainers and users of any device presents a formidable barrier for many reasons. Distance learning, using “Virtual Classroom,” technology has the capability to supply the needed instruction and quickly get everyone up and running to deliver care.  New technology must be accompanied by a level of provider knowledge that informs in a manner that sets your patients at ease. 

Injecting medications, whether it be in hospital, office setting, or a patient’s home, occurs billions of times per year and is one of the most important activities in healthcare practice. There is no doubt that a pain free, non-threatening, environmentally sensitive injection process provides great value in terms of patient safety, comfort, and acceptance, all of which lead to better outcomes and lower costs. The IntegriMedical Needle Free Injection System (NFIS) is an ideal device for most injections. The goal of this course is to describe:

  • How NFIS works to safely deliver vaccine and medication injections.
  • Why is should be considered a primary injection tool in all healthcare settings.
  • The clinical applications in which NFIS would provide an improved process of care.
  • Improved environmental impact of NFIS when compared to standard needle and syringe injections.
  • Improved needle safety considerations when compared with traditional needle and syringe systems despite recent safety caps.
  • Improved value with respect to the patient experience, access, safety, and cost. 

This training program is presented using an interactive, multimedia learning platform that can be accessed on any device that connects to the Internet including desktop computers, laptops, iPads, tablets, and all smartphones using any network including cellular.  It travels to the user and is never farther away than your your smartphone. The program is available 24/7/365 with unlimited access without expiration.  Training updates will be delivered automatically to your email box.  Earning an IntegriMedical Needle Free Injection System Training Certificate is an essential step to safely bringing this innovative technology to patients.

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