Fall Prevention Training Simulation

Fall Prevention Training Simulation

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“An unintentional change in position resulting in coming to rest on the ground or a lower position”

We all come to accept the concept of growing old.  Unfortunately we too often accept the concept that falls are inevitable as we age.  Most falls are preventable and it takes awareness, proactive planning, and a goal of continuously improving the process to minimize them.  The cost of falls in elderly patients is staggering, both human and financial.  Considering most falls are preventable, it is our duty to perform at the highest level in order to protect what could be a devastating and too often times fatal event.

Our perception of our clinical skill is always higher than the actual performance of those skills.  Effective training renews those skills to their highest level only to see a degradation over time.  Repetitive training is used in every industry, not just to teach new skills, but most often to sharpen essential skills that are already present.    This training program is designed to freshen your knowledge base and then put it into practice using real case clinical simulations.   The state of the art learning management system and innovative simulation platform will allow you easy access to new knowledge and offer the opportunity to practice your skills over and over again while at the same time measuring your confidence with the assigned tasks.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

Ben Franklin


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