Total Knee Replacement Patient Education

Total Knee Replacement Patient Education

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“I enjoyed the course, learned some things about the surgery and effects, and actually feel more comfortable about choosing surgery at this point.”


Sept 2022 (From a female physician patient)

This class was Very Informative & Appreciated!!  It gave me VERY Detail Oriented answers to questions that I hadn’t thought to ask! Videos with step by step instructions of things that could happen during my actual surgery! Pictures, actual patients stories etc…all that are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!

It hurts when you get up from a chair.  It hurts when you walk around your yard.  You long for the days when you could move around without worrying about your knee pain.  Twenty-five percent of all adults have knee pain and more than 15 million have severe enough pain to limit their activity.  It used to be that knee replacement surgery was a last resort.  Now it is the answer to a pain free life.  This course is designed for those under a physician’s care who are considering total knee replacement surgery.  You will have the opportunity to learn:

  • How a normal knee works.
  • What osteoarthritis is and how it damages your knee joint.
  • What you can do to prepare for knee surgery.
  • What happens to you before, during and after total knee replacement surgery.
  • What you can look forward to in the weeks and months after your surgery. 

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This course is presented using an interactive online learning platform that can be accessed using any smart device (desktop, laptop, tablet, iPad, phone) connected to the internet.

NOTE: If you have any questions of difficulties navigating this course please do not reach out to your physician or their support team.  Use the contact information below and we will respond quickly and get you back on track.

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