Telemental Health Crisis Management 1.5 CE

Telemental Health Crisis Management 1.5 CE


It is inevitable that you will encounter a mental health emergency during a telehealth visit.  What you do, how you perform, and the decisions you make will have a great impact on your patient’s health and safety.

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Planning can go a long way to prepare you for an emergency situation during a telemedicine or telehealth appointment and set expectations with your clients.

Telemental health is the use of electronic means or technology to provide mental health services by any mental health discipline.  It is not a separate mental health service.  It is simply a different means through which a practitioner can deliver services that have historically been delivered in person in the mental health field.  Telemental health is discipline neutral, meaning that all mental health disciplines can use the technology modality to provide services. 

Telemental health has consistently been shown be an effective delivery system for mental health services.  Some studies have even found that telemental health services may actually be preferable to in-person care in certain populations and situations.  Children, adolescents, and veterans in particular, seem to especially benefit from the use of telemental health.  It is NOT the be-all and end-all in the delivery of therapy.  Nor is it for every client or every clinician.  Clearly, there are limitations.  The limitations may be driven by a particular provider’s level of skill or confidence in treating certain cases online. 

The demand for mental healthcare is dramatically increasing.  With advances in technology, the demand all healthcare care at a distance is also increasing in every age groups and diagnosis.  Inevitably, some of your clients will find themselves in need of emergency psychiatric services during a tele-visit. This CE course is designed to provide knowledge on how to best treat those clients in a manner that insures the upmost consideration of their health and safety.

This CE course is brought to you using a “virtual classroom” that can be accessed 24/7/365 on any device connected to the internet using any network.  Once enrolled it will never leave your account and will be updated as needed.

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