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The Physician Business of Medicine Pocket MBA Program has seen dozens of students enroll and complete a program designed to provide all of the business skills needed to successfully practice medicine in any setting or specialty.  The 16 AMA Cat 1 CME program has no expiration and comes with periodic case studies sent to every student via email to refresh and challenge their newly acquired skills. 

The case below represents a compelling example of what may seem to be routine information that has dramatic consequences. 


We acquired a monthly financial report with a request for further analysis. Most physicians have access to periodic financial reports but many lack the knowledge and understanding to determine their significance.  We actively mentor all who enroll in the MSD Physician Leadership and Business Institute and all graduates are free to reach out when an extra set of eyes is needed on any business issues affecting their practice.  

Let’s break down this case study in three steps. 

Step 1: Information intake: Gather all information received.  Read every line, organize the financial information, and calculate any financial analysis ratios that may contribute to an analysis.  Be organized and approach in a systematic manner.  Begin to formulate question that direct your analysis.  

  • Would you be pleased if you were one of the physicians in this group?
  • What are the financial strengths?
  • What are the financial weaknesses?
  • What decisions are being made based on this report?




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Step 2:

Step 4: Contribute to the Analysis

Reports such as this are distributed to this group every month.  Instead of filing this report, the physician reviewed this it because she had just completed the financial section of the Pocket MBA. Before you proceed, write down a few notes and some conclusions based on your current knowledge and experience.  You will have a chance to share them in the comments section after following the link below.

Now click this link for our analysis.

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