Business Skills in Healthcare Practice: Financial Communication 1.25 CME


Business Skills in Healthcare Practice: Financial Communication 1.25 CME


If you don’t know how to read and interpret financial statements you are wasting money and resources.  You can’t afford to waste anything!  Learn the language of finance, become fluent in your communication, and join the decision makers.  This course will have the highest ROI of any you have ever taken.

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Financial statements are the key to financial decision making.  If you are not fluent in familiar with their use, you ability to make informed decisions is compromised. 

Originated as a cornerstone of the Johns Hopkins Business of Medicine CME Program this course will allow you to understand the financial information that is gathered in your practice so that you may allocate resources to better care for your patients.  Financial decision making in your healthcare organization, no matter the size, has a major  impact on the quality of care your patients receive.  Before any decision can be made it is imperative to know what resources are available.  The financial statements communicate this information to you.  They provide actionable information which you can use to take an active role in the decision making process.   With this CME activity, you will acquire the skill of understanding and evaluating the financial inner workings of your organization or the organization you may soon be joining.  Purchasing new equipment, hiring another physician, budgeting, resource allocation, it all begins here with the financial statements.  Good decision making begins with sound financial information.

This course is presented using a virtual classroom that is available 24/7/365 on any device you use to connect and any network.

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