Dr. George Martin earned his MD at The Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC, trained in general and child psychiatry at Walter Reed, graduated from the US Army Command and General Staff College, earned a Master of Science in Health Care Administration from the University Alabama-Birmingham, and is a Certified Physician Executive by the American College of Physician Executives. In addition, he has had training in electroconvulsive therapy at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and in forensic evaluations at The University of Virginia.

While on active duty he served as Division Psychiatrist for the 82nd Airborne Division and Division Surgeon for the 24th Infantry Division. He has held a variety of administrative and clinical positions in public mental health in North Carolina, in Virginia and with the Veterans Administration, including medical director of a state hospital and acting medical director for a substance use rehabilitation hospital. Over the years he has worked in adult and child mental health treatment programs as well as drug and alcohol rehabilitation. He has also held faculty positions at Virginia Tech, Duke, Walter Reed and East Tennessee State where he was awarded “Teacher of the Year” by the residents.  His interest in computers and psychiatry started early. As a resident at Walter Reed he participated in a pilot study of computerizing mental status exams. His work in tele-health started in the Veterans Administration and grew to include regular tele-psych care at his clinical practice in Virginia. 

Dr. Martin has combined his many years of experience in patient care and telemental health care delivery with his extensive teaching abilities to lead a team of BC-TMH training program faculty in creating a program that gives students the best chances of passing the NBCC Telemental Health Exam.