Volume to value healthcare transition depends on front line physicians incorporating value and cost to their care decision making process.  It involves a change in behavior that can most effectively be facilitated through knowledge and education.

The Value Based Care CME Program is designed around MBA level business skills that will empower all providers to discover and add value to the care they deliver.  The subsequent improved outcomes and reduced costs, will produce major ROI for all healthcare stakeholders.  Education has always been the mainstay of positive behavior change.  The right education, delivered to the right people, in a format they can easily understand and access, will induce change that not only improves outcomes but lowers costs.

 To support the following presentation, we offer the following references:

Value Based Care ROI White Paper

Value Based Care Program Information Deck

Why Doctors Need Leadership Training (Harvard Business Review Oct 2018)

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Endorsement Statement


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