Human Cell and Tissue Products Patient Education


Human Cell and Tissue Products Patient Education

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Join the class, learn the truth about stem cells and associated products based on the latest research.  Then make a decision about which clinic and what products could help you.

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Human Cell and Tissue Products (HCT/Ps) represent a new technology that has great promise for patients suffering from a variety of ailments.  Yet the lack of an easily accessible, accurate knowledge base has led to a large amount of misinformation that has clouded the patients ability to receive care.  It is certainly the job of  healthcare providers to be knowledgeable and to counsel patients on treatment options.  It is also the job of patients to seek knowledge that empowers them to be an active participant in the decision process.  This course is designed to provide patients with the essential information on HCT/Ps so that they may join with their providers to select treatment that has the best chance of improving their health.  You will learn the right questions to ask based on the latest research from around the world. 

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