This program is designed to provide practical MBA level business skills you can use every day to ensure your success in today’s healthcare delivery.

Your greatest problems in practicing medicine will not come from a lack of clinical knowledge.  Medical schools are very effective at developing clinical knowledge base.  It’s when you put that knowledge to use in caring for patients that the headaches begin.  Healthcare delivery is a business process.  Acquiring a basic business skill set, tailored to practicing medicine, is as essential in today’s medicine as presenting a patient’s history and physician to a colleague.       

This is a unique opportunity that Dr. Cohen has made available to you.  It is the only 100% business skill program, using the latest “virtual classroom” IT, available to medical students.  The four courses in this program deliver knowledge of:

  • Leadership
  • Finance
  • Strategy and Decision Making
  • Process Improvement
  • Negotiation
  • Other skills that are the cornerstone of any MBA program.

They are presented in a need to know, highly distilled, and relevant form.  You will receive the “Use Today” version accessible on any smart device including your phone so that it travels to you, with you, and is available whenever you have time to learn.  Plus, it never expires, and you will be able to return well into the future as problems arise.  Make sure you take advantage of the platform’s social media components to connect with your classmates and make new friends.

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There is no time like the present.  This program was designed to be universally accessible so that you may learn at the time of your choosing on any device you use to connect to the internet.  Once you finish the program you will have more business knowledge than any physician you meet in your clinical rotations.  And you will use the skills throughout your career.  

Best time to get started is NOW! 

I will see you in class!

David Joyce  MD, MBA (

Program Instructor

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