The Business of Leading In Your Practice – Course #4

The Business of Leading In Your Practice – Course #4

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Leadership involves the acquisition and proper use of certain business skills. There is little argument that your knowledge and skill about money is crucial to your organization’s performance.  In today’s healthcare environment providers at all levels need to be included in the decisions about the control of the resources of the organization and one of the most important resources is money.

Another essential skill is negotiation.  At all levels of healthcare, physicians are already involved in daily negotiation. Learning to do it right will be essential in your ability to get things done and improve the care being delivered to your patients.

“I wish I had had this 30 years ago. My first position after residency was in a hospital based office setting.  Admittedly, I did no financial check on the institution.  8 months later they filed for chapter eleven. My paycheck stopped for 3 month and it took me myriad tries to get answers. Needless to say I moved on and they acted like I was deserting them.”

Anna Marie Sullivan DO  Solo Family Practice, Newark, Delaware

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