Quality Leadership for Physicians – Course #1

Quality Leadership for Physicians – Course #1

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 Quality of Leadership for Physicians 

Contrary to common belief, good leadership is a learned quality.  Character traits of charisma and personal magnetism are not the same as good leadership.

Don’t assume because you have accomplished a great deal that you possess good leadership skills.  You can be successful in medical school, obtain the best residency, find a great practice, and still know little about what constitutes good leadership.  All physicians are leaders in their practice.  It doesn’t matter whether you are in academics, employed by a hospital, or in private practice, the fact is, you will lead every day!  Others look up to you and  expect direction.  The manner in which you provide leadership will eventually affect the quality, safety and cost of the care you deliver to your patients.  Learning what makes a good leader and acquiring those skills is best done early in a career than later.  

The goal of this course is to improve your leadership, which will improve how you relate to those you work with as well as improve the outcomes of your patients.  This course will help you identify your present leadership style and then lead you to improve using the concept of “Quality Leadership” that has proven so successful in the corporate world.