Leading Improvement Course#3

Leading Improvement Course#3

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Welcome to Leading Improvement 

Systematic data driven improvement began with an idea by Edward Deming on how to improve the automobile industry.  He believed that there were no bad workers, just bad work.  Lack of productivity was more about the design of the work than the worker.  He first employed his theory in the Japanese auto industry with a company named Toyota and the “Toyota Miracle” was born.  The “Made in Japan” label that had previously been a joke to consumers was soon to be a standard of quality products.  Toyota, meanwhile, went from last to first in automobile manufacturing and sales.  At Toyota, those who did the work controlled the process and design of the work.  And Toyota sold millions of high quality automobiles and had the most engaged customers.

Improvement in healthcare usually involves a top down process of teams visiting a unit for a couple of days and laying down a series of improvements based on an organizational model.  Few physicians are taught the skills that the assembly line works at Toyota are so familiar with.  This course will give you those skills as crafted for the patient care workplace.  Students will learn how to lead improvement and acquire the tools needed to facilitate the activity.  You will be able to solve problems, make your work easier, and engage your patients in their care.

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